Tooth Jewellery

Nowadays, dentistry is becoming a style statement but a decade back it was related to pain, fear and discomfort. Today, both men and women are becoming increasingly self-conscious about their appearance and smile. Younger generations follow their self made rules for looking fashionable and it applies to dentistry as well. With the increase in modernization, everybody wants to create their own visual style which is unique for themselves and yet identifiable for others. As a dentist, we might come across to people who demand something more from us than treating only diseases. Like any other treatment, dentistry and dental treatments are now one of the necessary aspects of having a healthy life. Various treatments like body art and cosmetic dental treatments are becoming so attractive to achieve their desired aesthetic appearance, attention, to make a fashion statement and to be unique among the crowd. Body art includes tooth jewellery, tooth rings, tooth tattoo, removable tooth jewellery and many more.

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