Gums Contouring

Here at Advance Dental Clinic we can correct your smile if you are unhappy about the amount of gum tissue that shows. Too much gum, uneven gum levels or gum recession can detract from an otherwise great looking smile. Since our lips frame the smile they too play an important role in your smile's appearance. The lips and gums should be in harmony. If your lip comes up too much it may give you a “gummy smile”. The solution is to reshape the gums to reveal more of your teeth. Artistic sculpting of gum tissue can make a drastic improvement in one's smile. The healing time is very rapid and predictable.

Here at Advance Dental Clinic this is performed by Dr Harsh Priyankar. Dr Harsh Priyankar is a renowned specialist in the treatment of gum problems, and the reshaping of gum architecture, such that after his treatment you will be amazed with the results.

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