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Dentistry and Its Classification

Dentistry is one of the most vital fields of medicine that is required by individuals of all gender and age. It is a science that is related to oral wellbeing that includes health and hygiene of tooth, mouth, jaws, and roots among others. People often are hesitant to visit their dentist fearing pain or some harsh medical equipment, but if we fail to give proper care to our teeth, it will affect not only our oral hygiene but also our overall personality. The team of dentists and technicians at Advanced Dental Clinic are all experts in identifying the underlying problem and provide appropriate care and treatment for the same.

What are dentistry and its relevance?

Also known as dental medicine or oral medicine, dentistry is a field of medicine that relates to health and hygiene of mouth and related parts. A doctor or practitioner in the field is known as a dentist. Although a qualified and well experienced Dentist in Hudson Lane will be able to identify the disease and its root by just a single visit but most of the complex dental treatments require more than 1 visit.

Depending on the severity of the issue, you may be suggested for a surgery, an implant or just regular clean up processes. Some of the dental related problems that are quite common these days include the likes of tooth decay, periodontitis, cavity, tooth deformations, among others. The treatment for these diseases may range from teeth restoration, root canal, restorative or prosthetics treatments, scaling, root planning, extraction, surgical tooth removal etc. Often the main point emphasised at any reliable and trustworthy Dental Clinic in Hudson Lane is the fact that if you maintain a strict regular oral hygiene, you won’t have to visit a dental clinic.

This includes regular brushing and flossing twice a day, reducing the consumption of aerated drinks, caffeine, sweets and similar items and above all regular analysis of your teeth. Dental issues and dentistry should be given prime importance as they impact social and interpersonal lives alike.

Types of Dental Specialists

Most of use consider a single classification of dentistry that is general dentist, but there are different specialisations in the field to look after complicated special cases. Some of the common ones are listed below:

General Dentists – they offer regular check-ups, cleaning, tooth and gum evaluation etc. and they are the one who can refer you to specialist if required
Paediatric dentists – These are specialised category for young ones and youth. They look after a child’s teeth and oral development
Orthodontists – They specialises in tooth and jaw alignment by making use of braces, wires or retainers
Periodontists- They are mostly gum specialists that cure gum related problems including surgery if required
Endodontists – They are root canal specialists that relates to issues affecting the nerve of a tooth for which root canal might be required
Oral surgeons - They have expertise in performing major surgeries including those for oral reconstruction, mouth cancers and misaligned jaws
Prosthodontists – This category of dentists are experts with teeth and jaw bones. Dentists of this kind provides for cosmetic dentistry as well

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